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Risk Alert on Disguised ICO Activities


The Announcement on Guarding against ICO Risks, jointly issued by 7 ministries including the People’s Bank of China in September 2017, clearly pointed out that ICO activities are suspected of involving illegal criminal activities including illegal fund-raising, illegal issuance of securities, and illegal sale of notes and bonds and that all institutions and individuals should immediately stop engaging in ICO activities. With the gradual phasing out of ICO projects nationwide, Initial Miner Offerings (IMO), represented by the token Lianke (formerly known as Wankebi) issued by Xunlei, has emerged as a potentially risky model that warrants vigilance.

Since last October, a series of “virtual digital assets” have been issued, including Lianke, LLT, and BFC Points. In the case of Lianke issued by Xunlei, for example, the issuing company in effect substitutes Lianke for the duty to pay back project contributors with legal tender, making it essentially a financing activity and a form of disguised ICO. In addition, with frequent promotional activities and publishing of trading tutorials, Xunlei has lured many citizens without sound discernment into IMO activities.

NIFA hereby calls on consumers and investors to gain a clear understanding of the nature of relevant models, strengthen awareness of risk prevention, make investments rationally, and refrain from blindly following speculation and hype. Any illegal financial activities in the form of IMO, ICO activities targeting domestic residents through deployment of foreign servers, and exchange services for “virtual currencies”, once found, can be reported to relevant regulatory agencies or NIFA. Any such activities suspected of violating the law can be reported to public security bodies. NIFA members should enhance self-regulation, resist illegal financial activities, and refrain from participating in any activities involving ICO or speculation in “virtual currencies”.

Translator: HUANG Chengxuan     Proofreader: ZHANG Lina     Editor: ZHOU Haoran

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