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Two Association Standards Approved for Formulation


NIFA has mobilized a number of market players to pre-research and draft two association standards——Financial Sector Open Source Software Assessment Framework and Financial Sector Open Source Software Service Provider Assessment Specification with the aim to push forward the financial application of open source technologies in a compliant and secure manner, and improve the standardization of evaluating open source software and its providers. On September 19, Research Institute of Internet Finance Standards, the standard-setting body of NIFA, held a meeting to review these two standards.

The review group, composed of experts from the People’s Bank of China, China Electronics Standardization Institute and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology agreed that the standards could serve as a reference for building the open source governance system in the financial sector, which is of great significance in ensuring free and independent selection of financial information systems and key technologies. Therefore, they approved the two standards to be necessary and feasible for formulation.

Next, a drafting working group will be set up by the Research Institute to proceed the formulation, issuance and implementation of the standards.

Translator: Li Xia Proofreader: Chen Danqi Editor: Zhou Haoran

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