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Secretary-General Lu Shuchun Attends and Addresses the Opening Ceremony of the Guiyang Big Data Financial Events


During the Guiyang Big Data Financial Events on Credit System Construction and Risk Control, held in Guiyang between November 1 and 4 of 2016, leaders including Vice Governor of the People’s Government of Guizhou Lu Yongzheng, Vice Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission Lian Weiliang, Deputy Governor of the People’s Bank of China Fan Yifei, Labour Party Spokesman for Finance Neil Davidson of the House of Lords of the UK, Standing Committee of the CPC Provincial Committee of Guizhou and Municipal Party Secretary of Guiyang Chen Gang delivered their remarks. Secretary-General Lu Shuchun of NIFA attended and addressed the opening ceremony.

Lu Shuchun pointed out in her remark that big data is a key foundation underpinning the development of Internet finance. Big data finance has become an important component of Internet finance. With the fusion of financial data and scenario data, of behavior data and credit data, and of asset & liability data and daily transaction data, the value underlying big data is and will continue to bring more possibilities for Internet finance to serve small and micro-businesses, promote entrepreneurship and innovation, and benefit people’s well-being. Big data has guided the establishment of the financial credit system in a purely credit-oriented and efficient direction, vigorously promoting the building of social integrity and a social governance system. Furthermore, risk control based on big data has extended from the asset end to the funding end, contributing to improving the asset operation level of institutions in Internet finance and protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers so as to realize financial inclusion. With the advent of the era of big data finance, only those with a big data mindset can truly grasp the finance of the future. Secretary-General Lu also commented that while focusing on technological progress, we should encourage innovative thinking, proactively embrace changing times, and promote the orderly and rapid development of big data finance.

Translator:Huang Chengxuan Proofreader:Zhou Haoran

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